Baldo: The Guardian Owls Gets A Brand New Adventure In Free Update Today

Baldo The Guardian Owls The Three Fairies Blonde Boy With Fairy
Picture: Naps Team

Beautiful Stuido Ghibli-esque Baldo: The Guardian Owls is getting some brand new content today. In a free update, announced by developer Naps Team, the colorful RPG will be getting a brand new adventure that will take roughly ten hours to beat.

Called ‘The Three Fairies’, the already-lengthy game will also be getting a number of little fixes on top of the new journey.

When asked about the details of the update, the developer didn’t confirm specificsbut highlighted what players can expect to see when they load up the game after the patch.

A new (~10 hours) adventure to play:
Baldo The Three Fairies

New assisted mode for both adventures.

Various small fixes and improvements.

When the game originally launched last summer, it was riddled with issues and bugs that caused us a lot of disappointment in our review. We said of Baldo that, “It’s a beautiful thing to behold, no doubt, but it’s also a disaster to play in most ways. Everything — from the most simple bits of traversal to battles against bog-standard enemies, boss fights, the solving of puzzles and completion of quests — is hindered by mind-boggling design choices…”

Baldo: The Guardian Owls was updated last September, and hopefully with this new patch, we’ll see a marked improvement in the game.

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