Fitness coach Michelle Bridges shares why working out in the morning is best

Fitness coach Michelle Bridges, 51, shares why working out in the morning is BETTER than sleeping – and how to train yourself into being an early bird Australian fitness coach Michelle Bridges says it’s best to workout in the morning If you wait until the evening you’re more likely to skip the training session Early … Read more

How to master the shoulder press for greater strength

Shoulder days are a favorite for fitness enthusiasts, mostly because of the simplicity with which you can activate your shoulder muscles. But one must understand that this muscle group does not consist of just the topmost part of your arm (or the deltoids, which are above the biceps) which eventually join with the sides of … Read more

The physical and mental benefits of gardening as exercise…

Numerous studies conducted from the mid-1980s to the 1990s through to the present day have repeatedly confirmed the benefits of light to moderate exercise among older adults. One 2011 studyconducted by a team from two South Korean universities, namely Hongik University and Konkuk University, summarises the findings of prior studies thus: “The health benefits of … Read more

The 6 Best Mobility Exercises for Longevity

When it comes to physical activity, the equation is fairly straightforward: The more we move, the better our bodies are able to support movement. However, the converse is also true. The more sedentary we are, the stiffer and weaker we get, so the more difficult movement becomes. “Many older adults isolate and become sedentary, which … Read more

Fiture launches a new fitness mirror to compete with Mirror

When Mirror debuted its fitness mirror in 2018, it was a unique, space-efficient take on at-home fitness. Since then, several competitors including NordicTrack and Echelon have launched their own versions. Today, another challenger has appeared in the form of the Fiture — a $1,495 interactive connected mirror that offers real-time form feedback, gestures, voice control, … Read more