Girl, 12, denied residency because her autism does not meet ‘acceptable standards of health’ in New Zealand | World News

A 12-year-old autistic girl has been barred from moving to New Zealand – and being reunited with her family – because the country’s immigration policies reject people with disabilities or illnesses which may burden the health system. Arianna Alfonzo has been living with her mother in the Philippines while her father, Allan, lives and works … Read more

US rallies global allies to help Ukraine repel Russia – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article It’s not quite the Coalition to Defeat Putin just yet — and the name is admittedly tame if not lame: the Ukraine Defense Consultative Group. Still, if the US ends up forming a global alliance to actively fight against Russia, the roughly 40 countries convened by US Defense … Read more

Ukraine war: ‘We will stay here as long as we can’ – ambulance crews defiant as Russian forces almost encircle frontline city | World News

The Russians have been trying to take the Ukrainian city of Lysychansk for weeks. Signs of the back-and-forth in this battle are everywhere. We pass the shells of bombed out buildings. The place feels deserted. The population here was 100,000 before the invasion. Just a fraction of them are left now. There are few cars … Read more

Putin could withdraw from Ukraine because of ‘massive’ popularity in Russia, says Boris Johnson

Vladimir Putin is so popular in Russia that he has the “political space” to withdraw his forces from Ukraine, said Boris Johnson. The prime minister said the Russian president still has “massive backing” from his own people despite international outrage over the invasion. “The Russian public overwhelming back Putin,” Mr Johnson told Talk TV. “Therefore … Read more

Male contraceptive pill could enter human trials in just two months

Male contraceptive pill could enter human trials in just two months, inventors say, after study on mice showed it could prevent 99% of pregnancies A potential male birth control pill is expected to enter clinical trials as early as this summer after finding success in tests on mice University of Minnesota researchers found that the … Read more

West gearing up to help Ukraine for ‘long haul’, says US defense secretary | Ukraine

Lloyd Austin, the US defense secretary, has said the west was gearing up to help Ukraine for “the long haul” and would take steps to boost rearmament to help the embattled country following a meeting of defense ministers in Germany. Politicians present also discussed coordinating future arms supplies on top of $5bn (£3.9bn) already committed, … Read more