Emmerdale drama as evil Meena is attacked in court as she plots twisted revenge

Emmerdale fans were left shocked after tonight’s episode as evil serial killer Meena Jutla was attacked in court.

Twisted Meena was just told by the judge that she had been found guilty of all three murders of Leanna Cavanagh, Ben Tucker and Andrea Tate.

After hearing the verdict, furious Carol jumped up from the public gallery and shouted at the murderer.

Carol is character Nadine’s sister, who was also murdered by Meena, but her case has never gone to trial due to a lack of evidence, which left her sister visibly upset as she is desperate for justice for her family.

And in the dramatic scenes Carol screamed at Meena as she said she hopes she will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Carol went for Meena after being goaded by the killer
Carol went for Meena after being goaded by the killer

Meena threatened to appeal her convictions, insisting it wasn’t over yet, as Carol angrily told her from the public gallery: “You don’t deserve to ever see the light of day after what you did to my sister.”

It was then that Meena turned to her and asked her why she had even shown up.

“This trial isn’t even about Nadine, she was that irrelevant. No wonder she topped herself. Couldn’t deal with what she saw in the mirror.”

Making her way down from the public gallery unnoticed, Carol moved towards where Meena was being held as she launched a vicious attack on the killer and stabbed her in the head, leaving her bleeding.

The court were shocked by what happened as Meena appeared to be knocked unconscious by the blow.

The judge asked Dr Liam Cavanagh to help Meena out, but when he wasn’t keen, Manpreet offered to check on her sister.

Making her way to the box, Manpreet leaned down to see if her sibling was OK as prison guard Ian called for an ambulance.

An injured Meena took Manpreet hostage
An injured Meena took Manpreet hostage

As Manpreet turned around to tell Liam and Charles the situation with Meena, the killer sprung up and put the mirror shard to her sister’s neck as she held her hostage and said she was the one taking over the courtroom.

Meena told the whole court that if anyone comes closer, Manpreet would be dead as she took over the whole courtroom in a siege.

“Stay where you are, nobody is going anywhere,” she said, as the judge and public tried to exit the building.

She told the court: “Sit down all of you. This is my courtroom now and there’s a new judge in charge.”

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