Emmerdale spoilers – Huge summer shake-up with major characters lives RUINED; more Coronation Street & EastEnders news

EMMERDALE fans are in for shock twists and turns this Summer with storylines on health, heartbreak and the Dingles to look forward to.

Leading up to the show’s 50th anniversary, Emmerdale producer, Laura Shaw, spoke to the press teasing some storylines we can look forward to and what to expect.

She made clear lives may be lost as current storylines “explode” resulting in a drama-filled Summer.

Without giving too much away, Shaw explained that while we continue to follow Marlon’s recovery, there will be another major health storyline to come.

She also spoke about Jacob and Liam getting caught up in Leyla’s storyline which will include major secrets being revealed.

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  • Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon receives heartbreaking news

    As Marlon Dingle struggles to come to grips with life changing injuries following a stroke, he receives further saddening news.

    Marlon returns home, and has to learn to adapt with every day life. He struggles at home and lives amongst chaos with his family.

    He receives the terrible news from Charity that she will only be able to pay him statutory sick pay. How will he be able to take care of his family?

  • Emmerdale: Incel Noah’s stalking catches up with him

    Noah Dingle has grown increasingly intoxicated with Chloe, his creepy obsession growing in the weeks leading up till now.

    The teen is convinced he can get back together with his ex-girlfriend, but his perspective towards women becoming increasingly disturbing, as he steals his phone.

    Fears are growing that Noah is becoming an Incel in a sinister twist, as Chloe drops him for Nate.

  • EastEnders star Charlie Wernham celebrates marriage to partner Emma Collis

    The couple celebrating their wedding on Saturday April 24, surrounded by fellow actors and friends.

    Charlie, 27, plays Aaron Munroe in EastEnders, and was well known for also starring as Robbie Roscoe in Hollyoaks until 2016.

    He married partner Emma Collis on Saturday, 24 April, at Gosfield Hall in Essex.

    The couple got engaged on Valentines day in 2021.

    Fellow actress Daisy Davis was in attendance with her actor partner Luke Jerdy.

  • Will Darren’s romantic gesture be appreciated tonight on Hollyoaks?

    Darren gives Nancy a time, place and something to wear, but will his plan backfire?

    Meanwhile, John Paul is angry at Sally and refusing Mercedes’ attempts to help, leading her to take drastic action.

    Elsewhere, Ste takes his mold matters into his own hands but makes the situation worse.

  • The truth about Sharon’s absence in EastEnders

    Where there’s drama, Sharon’s normally not far behind but she’s been absent from the latest family issues.

    Monday’s episode finally cleared up why Sharon hasn’t been around.

    Kat and Sam continue to fight for power, and while last week Sharon was firmly involved, she flew to the US this week.

    Her Linda Carter took her to the airport friend in Monday’s episode to visit her sister, Vicki Fowler, after emergency surgery.

  • EastEnders fans say same thing as Sam & Kat clash

    EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Kat Slater decided to take over Phil Mitchell’s empire to spite Sam.

    The taxi cab boss – who is played by actress Jessie Wallace in the BBC soap – walked away from Phil after a smoke bomb was hurled through her windows last night.

    Fans are stunned by the development.

    One wrote: “Kat and Sam, brilliant”

    A second said of the Sam and Kat scenes: “It’s the pairing we’ve all been waiting for.”

    Another added: “I’m loving all the sassy matriarchal drama between Sharon, Kat and Sam. It’s very Peggy, Pat and Pauline vibes. Some cracking one liners.”

  • Corrie fans in shock at George’s secret

    CORONATION Street fans are in shock after George Shuttleworth’s secret was revealed.

    The funeral director – who is played by actor Tony Maudsley in the ITV soap – has been hiding something from girlfriend Eileen Grimshaw for weeks.

    And, in last night’s episode it was finally revealed after Eileen broke into his garden and he told her he snores when he sleeps.

    Viewers however can’t believe that is George’s secret.

    One wrote: “We all want to know how bad George’s snoring is now.”

    A second said: “George is a snorer. Oh, the hilarity when there’s a storyline where the whole street can’t sleep.”

    Another added: “’I’ve been married to a serial killer’ only on Corrie.”

  • Marlon tries his best to stay optimistic on Emmerdale

    It’s rare for someone so young to have a stroke but Marlon refuses to be defeated.

    Working to get back to his usual self and maintain his relationship with April, he finds things might be harder than he thought but will not be put off trying to stay positive.

  • Former Emmerdale star announces breast cancer diagnosis

    Malandra Burrows played Kathy Glover on the loved TV show.

    From 1985 to 2001, we knew Burrows as Kathy Glover.

    Burrows announced she discovered a lump in her left breast in January which she has since had removed.

    The doctors told her it was a stage three tumour. She is now undergoing chemotherapy in a bid to get rid of the cancer.

    Many have taken to social media to share their well wishes.

  • William Roache is 90 and we can hardly believe it!

    TV Soap legend, William Roache celebrates his 90th birthday this week.

    Star of Coronation Street known for playing Ken Barlow turned 90 yesterday.

    His family took photos to mark the occasion and fans have taken to social media to congratulate the actor and commend Roache on how young he looks.

    One user said: “This must be a typo… 90?”

  • Early menopause for Faye on Corrie confirmed

    Faye recently shocked Craig with a positive pregnancy test who made clear he wasn’t ready.

    Fearing she was losing the baby, Faye and Craig rushed to the hospital only to be told the pregnancy test was a mistake – there had never been a baby.

    Craig’s mum suggests he break up with Faye because she can’t have children and the couple struggle to process the news.

  • SPOILERS – Reunions and humiliation on tonight’s Emmerdale

    April fears for Marlon’s health when she hands him a cup of water and he chokes.

    Laurel tells Jai she wants to get back together and is impressed by his conduct at the strike.

    Meanwhile, a wealthy friend turns up for a cup of coffee while Kim is waiting, leaving her red-faced and furious.

  • SPOILER – The driver in Toyah’s wedding car is not what’s expected

    Coronation Street and Toyah are in for a shock this week when the wedding doesn’t go a planned.

    On her way to wed Imran after forgiving him for cheating on her, Toyah gets kidnapped by Abi.

    A one-night-stand led to Abi becoming pregnant with Alfie, whom she shares with Imran.

    Imran’s intentions to seek full custody and his marriage to Toyah lead Toyah to make desperate decisions.

    Tune in this week to find out what else is happening on the Cobbles.

  • Jai gets flustered attempting to prove his innocence

    Tomorrow’s episode on Emmerdale will see Laurel and Priya jump to conclusions.

    After Jai and Laurel reconnect, they discover his wallet is missing.

    Making their way back to Take a Vow, they find the wallet but it’s accompanied with a small bag of drugs.

    I struggle to explain it isn’t his, but will Priya and Laurel believe him?

    Meanwhile April and Marlon work on their relationship.

  • SPOILER – Harvey finally realizes what Stacey’s been saying

    Stacey has been trying to explain to Harvey that Jean is unwell for some time.

    This week sees Jean’s bipolar take hold after Harvey ends things with her tomorrow.

    She moves back in with the Slaters and continues to plan her happily-ever-after with Harvey.

    Meanwhile, Janine tries to rattle Linda but will it work?

  • SPOILER – Max collapses this week but will he be found in time?

    Attempting to retrieve his phone, Max gets a deep cut on his leg causing him to pass out and collapse.

    Will Max be found in time, or will the last thing he hears from his father be that his mother would be ashamed of him?

    Meanwhile, Aggie is nervous about her new boss only to find out he is actually very charming.

  • Ste and Sienna get beaten to the punch with their risky plans

    On Hollyoaks this week, things may be on the mend between Felix and Martine.

    Meanwhile, Olivia continues to try to prove herself to Sally in a bit to get a promotion.

    Elsewhere, will Scott’s foster care dreams be dashed?

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