King’s Lynn Vancouver Butchers closing down in Broad Street ‘due to Covid-19 & rising electricity prices’

A well-known West Norfolk butcher’s shop announced it will close at the end of this week.

Vancouver Butchers, which has been serving Lynn for 26 years, said it will shut up shop for good at the end of the day’s trading on Saturday.

The Broad Street business cited Covid-19, electricity price hikes, lack of council support for high street shops, rising car parking charges and out of town retail parks among its reasons for closing.

Vancouver Butchers.
Vancouver Butchers.

It stated on social media: “This isn’t a choice we have made lightly and after such a long time trading in King’s Lynn (26 years) we will be sad to go and leave our customers who have become friends.

“With the lack of support from our local council in supporting high street shops, rising car parking charges year on year, the decline of footfall due to the ever amount of closing businesses, out of town retail parks being able to trade on low rent with free car parking, extreme rises in electricity prices and the dreaded Covid pandemic it’s just our time to unfortunately shut our doors.

“Sadly our beautiful town is becoming empty of the great shops that we once had that made the town into such a vibrant and busy shopping area.

Vancouver Butchers.
Vancouver Butchers.

“Anyone with a Christmas savers club can come in next week and take the value of meat or their money back (meat would help us more).

“We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. Some customers have become like family.

“It’s time for myself and Craig to see what the future holds for us. It will be an emotional time for us both, Craig having been here from the start 26 years ago and myself the past 19-20 years here.

“We will be having some last offers next week so look out and let’s go out with a smile. Ryan Ellis and Craig Owen, Vancouver Butchers Of King’s Lynn.”


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