NVIDIA says GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards are now in stock, announces “Restocked & Reloaded” campaign

Graphics cards are back on the menu

What appeared to be a promotion of individual shops, is actually a global event prepared by NVIDIA.

Graphics cards have been restocked and reloaded. NVIDIA today announced that their RTX 30 graphics cards have been resupplied and should now be available to gamers. Multiple graphics card companies and retailers have informed about new shipments of NVIDIA GPUs. Some cards are available at MSRP, others received a price cut.

GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards are now available! Get the ultimate play with immersive ray tracing, a huge AI performance boost with NVIDIA DLSS, game-winning responsiveness with NVIDIA Reflex, and AI-powered voice & video with NVIDIA Broadcast. Check back here, or directly with our partners, for great new options.


To be honest, we have never seen any such marketing campaign before. After all, it is quite strange for a GPU company to announce graphics cards ‘in stock’ nearly 18 months since these cards were released, yet here were are.

NVIDIA “Restocked & Reloaded” event, Source: Various

You can find the official event page below, or just check on your favorite GPU vendor. We have noticed that not all of them were ready or are still ‘restocking’. Either way, it is a good sign.

Source: NVIDIA

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