Overgrown garden ‘which forced neighbor to rebuild wall is cut back’

The front of the house with cut back plants, the completely overgrown garden, the visible van parked outside the house.

A van parked amid the overgrown garden is actually visible now the plants have been cut back (Pictures: UKNIP)

A severely overgrown garden which engulfed a house and caused neighbors to complain has finally had a trim.

The home in Ramsgate, Kent, made headlines over the weekend due to its unusually bushy appearance.

Bushes and vines had grown so much the owner of the home could only enter his house through his back door.

The plants had also completely engulfed a van parked outside the home and spread to nearby properties.

One neighbor claimed he had to rebuild his wall because the damaged vegetation it so badly.

The town’s local postman even stopped delivering letters through the property’s front door, saying the chaotic garden makes the house ‘undeliverable’.

But now, new photos seem to show that the garden has been significantly trimmed down.

The van can be seen clearly and so can the driveway it is parked in.

Van covered in plants.

Neighbors said squirrels were living in the completely enveloped van (Picture: UKNIP)

Visible van outside the house.

It looks as if the owner has finally decided to clear parts of his garden (Picture: UKNIP)

Overgrown garden.

Locals said the owner was not able to use his front door to get into his house(Picture: UKNIP)

Front door visible on the overgrown garden.

Now the front door is actually visible (Picture: UKNIP)

Perhaps most importantly, the house’s front door is actually accessible.

Last week, Thanet District Council said it was ‘unable to successfully engage with the owner’ of the house.

The council also promised it would ‘determine whether it had recourse to any legal enforcement’.

It is unclear if the owner finally decided to cut the vegetation back because of this threat.

Whilst several locals spoke out about being ‘frustrated’ at the overgrown garden some stressed the owner was ‘very nice – but a bit secluded really’.

Neighbor Rena Reves, 40, said: ‘(The owner) is an enigma wrapped in bush. I’ve lived here for 12 years and it’s always been like this.

‘Some of the vines have started going to the chimney of the other house, and if it gets into the brickwork that won’t be any good.

‘He is very much is a recluse who keeps himself to himself.’

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