Russian state TV parades captured Briton Aiden Aslin

Mr Aslin’s brother Nathan Wood, 25, told The Telegraph: “I think it is quite alarming to see the state that he is in. Especially considering the fact they were supposed to have surrendered peacefully, it is alarming to see that gash on his head .”

As food ran out Mr Aslin had also called his friend Brennan Phillips, 36, an American, on Tuesday. He told Mr Phillips his commander was planning to surrender, and he was going to destroy his phone.

Mr Phillips said: “The last thing he said to me was ‘please don’t let them forget about me’.” He said Mr Aslin was a former caretaker for elderly and disabled people, and had become a volunteer fighter “for the right reasons”.

On Thursday night, Robert Jenrick, Mr Aslin’s MP in Newark, accused Russia of breaching the Geneva Convention, telling The Telegraph: “I am very concerned for the safety of my constituent, Aiden Aslin, who I’ve known for many years.

“He must be treated properly by the Russian authorities. Using images of prisoners of war for propaganda is completely unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, Russia on Thursday said the damaged flagship of its Black Sea fleet had sunk after Ukraine claimed to have struck the vessel with missiles. The Kremlin said the crew of the Moskva had been evacuated after it was set on fire by an explosion of ammunition. Western officials cast doubt on that explanation for the damage.

An adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, described the strike as a “massive moment” in the war. A senior US official said several other Russian warships off the Ukraine coast had moved further out to sea following the incident.

The Moskva – the warship told to “go f— yourself” on the first day of the invasion by defiant Ukrainian soldiers, provided air cover for the rest of the fleet.


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