Selena Gomez is on ‘a personal mission’ to improve mental health awareness | Entertainment

Selena Gomez is on a “personal mission” to shine a light on mental health issues.

The 29-year-old star and her make-up brand Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact Fund have joined forces with MTV Entertainment to launch the first-ever Mental Health Youth Action Forum.

Selena said: “As an advocate for mental health, I am thrilled to join forces with MTV Entertainment alongside my social impact initiative, the Rare Impact Fund, with the goal of destigmatizing mental health through shaping positive conversations about self-acceptance and mental well- being.

“I have a long-standing passion for mental health advocacy and education, which is why I created Rare Beauty and the Rare Impact Fund. It’s a personal mission to continue this important work and empower young people to address their mental health.”

The Mental Health Youth Action Forum will be held in Washington DC on May 18, and it’s been created with the help of the Biden-Harris Administration.

Selena will join 30 mental health youth activists at the Forum, while the Rare Impact Fund is hoping to raise $100 million over the next decade.

Elyse Cohen, the vice president of social impact and inclusion at Rare Beauty and president of the Rare Impact Fund, said: “The nation’s mental health crisis has been magnified by the current state of the world.

“Now more than ever, the conversation of mental health is critical to our collective wellbeing, especially among youth who desperately need access to mental health support, education, and services, which the Rare Impact Fund works to make accessible.”

Chris McCarthy, the president and CEO of Paramount Media Networks and MTV Entertainment Studios, is looking forward to working alongside Selena.

Chris said: “We are proud to partner with Selena Gomez, a global superstar and leader in mental health advocacy, with whom we share a commitment to destigmatize and normalize the conversation around mental health, given its alarming rise among young people.”


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