Simon Cowell gives health update after horror fall ahead of Britain’s Got Talent return


Simon Cowell has given fans an update about his health after two e-bike accidents in the past couple of years. He is making his return to Britain’s Got Talent this weekend

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Simon Cowell has issued a health update after a series of horror falls, ahead of his Britain’s Got Talent return.

The music mogul will be back on TV screens up and down the country on Saturday April 16, as the new series of the ITV talent show kicks off after a two year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In that time, Simon has suffered two falls, when he broke his back on an e-bike in Los Angeles and then 18 months later, he managed to break his arm in a fall near his home in west London.

However, ahead of the new series, Simon says he is very much on the mend.

Simon has been spotted with his injured hand on multiple occasions


He had two horror falls in a matter of months


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Speaking to The Mirror and other press, he joked about his catalog of injuries, as he shared: “I’ve fallen off many things as well. I fell off my bike in London, wasn’t my fault, it was raining – and it was a sharp bend.”

Amanda then chimed in about the cast on his hand: “But this is an old injury.”

“This is the old injury! The long cast has come off, this is as my bone is healing so I have to wear this for a couple more weeks. It’s nearly fine,” Simon finished with, explaining why he has been seen with a cast on his hand as of late.

Simon is back on the panel for 2022

It comes after a source revealed to The Mirror that Simon has decided to reduce his workload a little bit, spurred on by his bike accident and the pandemic, and is enjoying spending more time with his family.

“He doesn’t want to work at that pace anymore. His back injury from the bike accident in 2020 and the pandemic have made him refocus his life and at 62 Simon knows he is not getting any younger,” an insider shared.

“The days of staying up working until 3am and constantly being on his phone trying to make deals are gone forever. Someone like Simon will find it hard to let go and not work but for him this is like edging into a kind of semi-retirement .”

Simon is back to find the next big talent on the ITV show



The source added: “He won’t be working every day and will pick and choose his work a lot more going forward.”

Simon’s two injuries have both involved an e-bike, but he was lucky to have not hurt himself more in the second accident.

A source shared: “Simon was on the e-bike with his electric motor on, when the bike slipped on a wet patch. He went flying over the handlebars into the middle of the road and is lucky to be alive as he wasn’t wearing a helmet. There was blood pouring from his face but luckily he managed to get some help from passers by. He was taken to hospital and X-rays showed he broke his arm.”

*Britain’s Got Talent launches on Saturday 16th April, 8pm and continues on Sunday 17th April, 7.35pm on ITV.

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