Church of England is not a ‘passive observer of migration policy’

The Archbishop, who is the head of the Church of England, also reiterated his view that “there are serious ethical questions about using ‘deterrence’ to stop asylum seekers trying to reach our shores”. “Like many, I oppose sending vulnerable and traumatized people more than 4,000 miles away without their consent, and paying another country to … Read more

BBC guilty of ‘xenophobia’ over Rwanda refugee deal

Asked about the BBC’s coverage of the issue, Ms Patel said: “I was questioned by them last week, in Rwanda. They had a traveling delegation with us. And I was quite taken aback just by the tone of references to Rwanda. “I’ve already referenced the type of undercurrent, without actually understanding the details, and not … Read more

Sending refugees to Rwanda is tough, but it isn’t sensitive

Immigration has long been a toxic political issue. Recently, the rise of the National Front, and then the BNP, was mirrored across Europe. Today, in the UK, we have further controversy, this time over the Nationality and Borders Bill, currently facing deadlock between the Commons and the Lords. Two related elements are creating the current … Read more

Rwanda refugee plan is ungodly, says Justin Welby

The Telegraph understands that at least one other country has contacted the Government to explore a similar deal to the one with Rwanda, which involves Britain giving economic support in exchange for handling refugees. Under the plans, refugees who are approved in Rwanda will then be allowed to stay, rather than being repatriated to the … Read more

Navy sends four boats to the Channel during first ‘red day’ in charge

In a speech at Lydd airport in Kent announcing the move, Mr Johnson said the aim was to ensure that “no boat makes it to the UK undetected” by “identifying, intercepting and investigating” all attempts. It will be backed by £50 million of new Government funding. Pointing to incoming laws introducing life sentences for people-smugglers, … Read more

Channel migrants to be sent to Rwanda

Ministers are also expected to announce the first purpose-built Greek-style reception center in England, where migrants will have to obey strict rules or lose their rights to claim asylum. The centre, on a former RAF base, will be modeled on camps for asylum seekers being built by Greece, where migrants face routine checks on their … Read more