Why the 1990s were the last golden age of culture

With Sensation at the Royal Academy in 1997, which opened amid official talk of “Cool Britannia”, the movement peaked – and today, within the art world, it is often derided as splashy and dumb. Yet, the YBAs made contemporary art less elitist, and generated an energy that other artists benefited from too, such as the … Read more

GTA 5 Gets Option To Turn Off Motion Blur On PS5 And Series X/S

Picture: Rockstar Games Rockstar Games quietly patched Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, adding a handful of small but highly requested tweaks to the next-gen version of the nearly decade-old game. Players have also noticed new files added to the PC version of the game hinting that next-gen improvements will soon … Read more

Super Mario Movie Delayed to 2023

Mamma mia, indeed.screenshot: nintendo Could Batgirl head to theaters after all? Blumhouse teases its next horror movie with a very creepy doll. Kaley Cuoco hints at some surprise guests coming to harley quinn‘s third season. More, Riverdale does The Mistbecause of course it does. Spoilers now! The Munsters Rob Zombie revealed on Instagram that Tomas … Read more

Piers Morgan showed his showbiz class as he took on Donald Trump

Is Talk TV paying Piers Morgan by the word? Yes, he had a world exclusive interview with Donald Trump to show us, but that could wait a good 20 minutes. First, a lengthy monologue in which he explained just what his new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, was all about. Or, rather, what it plans to … Read more

meet Face, the rapper exiled by Putin

The music videos by this fearless rising artist have over 75 million views on YouTube and more than one million monthly listeners on Spotify, despite the streaming platform not being particularly popular in his homeland. From Ufa, the capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan, Dryomin has made enemies 724 miles away in Moscow, thanks … Read more

The Bad Guys makes a run for the crown at the weekend box office

The Bad GuysPicture: DreamWorks Animation LLC Raise your hand if you saw this coming: Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore has fallen hard in its second week at the box office, down more than 66 percent to only $14 million and third place on the charts. That’s a million dollars less than what Sonic The … Read more

Ed Sheeran goes metal – but still has the world as his choir

Opening his stadium tour at Croke Park in Dublin, Ed Sheeran seemed to have borrowed his production from local heroes U2. The huge construction had a remarkably similar design to the Irish rock band’s 360° tour (from 2009-11), with a circular stage beneath a cylindrical LED screen surrounded by a set of giant spiky pylons. … Read more

BBC’s ‘most ambitious environmental series yet’ looks more like a travel jolly

It doesn’t take long to identify the main problem with Our Changing Planet (BBC One), the latest series from the BBC’s Natural History Unit. It starts in the wrong place. The program wants to show us how climate change and human behavior are having a disastrous effect on the planet, in a project lasting seven … Read more

glam-rock swagger and fierce experimentalism

That era-defining long-player feels the band on a more bombastic and stadium-pleasing trajectory, increasingly a low-tempo vehicle for guitarist David Gilmour’s protracted soloing, but also one soon dogged by studio and touring inertia. Indeed, that slo-mo, noodle-heavy vibe was very much in evidence a fortnight ago, with the release of the Ukraine war protest song … Read more

Alex Kurtzman Speaks Up on The Mummy’s 2017 Reboot

Picture: Universal Pictures It feels like it’s been forever since the release of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. At the time, the movie was something of a big deal, both because it was a reboot of the (mostly) beloved Brendan Fraser films that lots of us grew up with, and also because it was infamously … Read more