US rallies global allies to help Ukraine repel Russia – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article It’s not quite the Coalition to Defeat Putin just yet — and the name is admittedly tame if not lame: the Ukraine Defense Consultative Group. Still, if the US ends up forming a global alliance to actively fight against Russia, the roughly 40 countries convened by US Defense … Read more

EU celebrates, and frets, over Macron’s victory – POLITICO

No need for any more conferences: Emmanuel Macron is the future of Europe. With his decisive electoral victory over right-wing challenger Marine Le Pen on Sunday, Macron not only clinched five more years as president of France but also secured his place — for better or worse — at the center of EU decision-making through … Read more

Trolling Russia, Ukraine registers Moskva shipwreck as ‘underwater cultural heritage’ – POLITICO

Ukraine has registered the shipwreck of Russia’s Moskva vessel as “underwater cultural heritage” — in a move described as “trolling” Moscow rather than having a basis in international law. “The ‘Moskva’ missile cruiser was the flagship of the Russian fleet, and became number 2064 in the register of underwater cultural heritage of Ukraine,” the country’s … Read more

British SAS troops ‘on the ground in Ukraine training soldiers’

British SAS troops are on the ground in Kyiv training Ukrainian soldiers how to use anti-tank missiles, it has been claimed. Officers from two battalions said that British special forces had visited them within the last two weeks for a critical crash course in handling the powerful weapons, which had been supplied by the UK. … Read more

Germany’s Habeck warns tank deliveries to Ukraine could turn West into Russian ‘target’ – POLITICO

KIEL, Germany — German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck backtracked Thursday on support for sending tanks to Ukraine, amid divisions within Berlin’s ruling parties over how much to get involved and concerns about becoming Russia’s next target. Habeck, a member of the Greens, had said just two days ago that “anything that helps the Ukrainian army … Read more

Forget Brexit, here comes Marine Le Pen – POLITICO

Mujtaba Rahman is the head of Eurasia Group’s Europe practice and the author of POLITICO’s Beyond the Bubble column. He tweets at @Mij_Europe. One of the curiosities of the French presidential election, before the first round of voting last weekend, has been the failure of both the media and President Emmanuel Macron’s campaign to point … Read more

European Central Bank may bring forward bond buying end

ECB President Christine Lagarde could signal that the Governing Council is leaning toward ending net purchases in the early part of the third quarter. Michael Probst | Pool | Reuters The European Central Bank faces an increasingly difficult task as it meets this week, with inflation surging and the economic outlook getting more uncertain as … Read more

UK and Germany won’t send tanks to Ukraine – POLITICO

LONDON — It “wouldn’t be appropriate” for Western allies to fulfill all of Ukraine’s requests for weaponry, the British prime minister said Friday. Boris Johnson was speaking at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz following their first in-person meeting in London, hours after Berlin declined to send Marder tanks to Ukraine, arguing … Read more

Europe’s roads and railways aren’t fit for a fight with Russia – POLITICO

Having a better army doesn’t matter much if you can’t get it moving. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has focused attention on preparing the EU’s roads, railways, ports and airports for the rapid movement of troops and tanks. Relieving bottlenecks and buttressing tracks and bridges used by both military and civilians is crucial to the Continent’s … Read more

Britain will send armored vehicles to bolster Ukraine’s fightback against Russia

It is expected Britain will provide Ukraine with a range of armored vehicles, some of which were previously deployed on operations in Afghanistan. They include the Mastiffs, which can carry eight troops plus two crew and are typically used for road patrols and convoys. The Mastiff was armed with machine guns and grenade launchers when … Read more