US rallies global allies to help Ukraine repel Russia – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article It’s not quite the Coalition to Defeat Putin just yet — and the name is admittedly tame if not lame: the Ukraine Defense Consultative Group. Still, if the US ends up forming a global alliance to actively fight against Russia, the roughly 40 countries convened by US Defense … Read more

Germany says Russia oil embargo would be ‘manageable’ – POLITICO

Berlin could handle an embargo on Russian oil imports, Germany’s Climate and Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Tuesday, suggesting the country could end its dependence on Moscow within “days.” Habeck, speaking at a press conference in Warsaw, said that Germany had managed to slash its reliance on Russian oil by two-thirds in recent weeks, … Read more

Germany will send tanks to Ukraine in U-turn by Olaf Scholz

Germany will send tanks to Ukraine in an about-turn by Chancellor Olaf Scholz after weeks of tensions in his coalition government and pressure from his international allies. The decision is likely to further ratchet up tensions with Moscow, after Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, said weapons sent to Ukraine would be a “legitimate target” … Read more

European markets as investors react to France’s Macron win

LONDON — European stocks are expected to open sharply lower on Monday as the sell-off in global markets continues into the new trading week. The UK’s FTSE index is seen opening 94 points lower at 7,533, Germany’s DAX 241 points lower at 13,901 and France’s CAC 40 down 72 points at 6,509, according to data … Read more

Don’t ban Russian energy, Gerhard Schroder tells Germany as he defends Vladimir Putin

Domestically, calls have grown for his chancellor’s pension to be stopped, while the entire staff at his parliamentary office has resigned in protest. But Mr Schroder, who governed Germany between 1998 and 2005, when he struck up a close friendship with Putin, said the Russian president had been misunderstood. “The image that people have of … Read more

German government faces crisis as opposition aims to force weapons to Ukraine vote

But senior figures in the two junior coalition partners, the Greens and the Free Democrats, have demanded that the chancellor change course. The Free Democrats are likely to back heavy arms deliveries at a party conference this weekend, while the Greens’ Annalena Baerbock, the foreign minister, has said “Ukraine needs heavy weapons”. Christian Lindner, the … Read more

Germany and France’s Ukraine shame

Not content with bankrolling Vladimir Putin’s war machine through their dependence on Russian energy, astonishingly, some European countries have actually been arming the Kremlin. Even after the EU imposed an arms embargo following the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, France and Germany shipped weaponry worth an estimated €300 million to Moscow. These included “bombs, … Read more

France and Germany evaded arms embargo to sell weapons to Russia

France and Germany armed Russia with €273 million (£230 million) of military hardware now likely being used in Ukraine, an EU analysis shared with The Telegraph has revealed. They sent equipment, which included bombs, rockets, missiles and guns, to Moscow despite an EU-wide embargo on arms shipments to Russia, introduced in the wake of its … Read more

Germany accused of blocking Ukraine’s request to buy heavy weapons

Items rejected included Leopard tanks, multiple rocket launchers (MLRS), armored personnel carriers and howitzers. Germany now claims it will instead seek agreements with unnamed allies to supply Ukraine with tanks and other heavy weapons from their Soviet-era stocks. Under the proposed exchange, Berlin will pay to replace the items in questions with new, modern weapons … Read more

Germany points finger at Britain as anger grows over failure to send weapons to Ukraine

The opposition Christian Democrats are threatening to force a vote in parliament on the question to expose divisions within Mr Scholz’s government. Friedrich Merz, their leader, claimed there is “massive resistance” to arming Ukraine within Mr Scholz’s Social Democrat party. “The chancellor is avoiding this issue because he’s afraid his own party will openly object … Read more