Forge Health Announces Transformative Clinical Outcomes Showing Positive Impact of its Unique Behavioral Health Care Model on Medical Utilization and Overall Health | Business & Finance

WHITE PLAINS, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr 26, 2022– Forge Health, a leading provider of value-based mental health and substance use care, today announced results from a groundbreaking national payor-led clinical outcomes research study. The study showed that Forge patients maintained significant improvement in both medical utilization and overall health outcomes a full 12 months after treatment. Unlike … Read more

Male contraceptive pill could enter human trials in just two months

Male contraceptive pill could enter human trials in just two months, inventors say, after study on mice showed it could prevent 99% of pregnancies A potential male birth control pill is expected to enter clinical trials as early as this summer after finding success in tests on mice University of Minnesota researchers found that the … Read more

People over 60 should NOT use daily aspirin to prevent a heart attack, key expert panel says

People over 60 should NOT use daily aspirin to prevent a first heart attack because of potential internal bleeding risks, key expert panel says A top medical board no longer recommends Americans over the age of 60 to take aspirin daily prevent heart attacks They also only recommend the daily use to those aged 40 … Read more

The other illnesses increasing in prevalence because of lockdown

Several common bugs suppressed during the early phase of the Covid pandemic have resurged since lockdown rules ended, official statistics suggest. Rates of some respiratory illnesses in England are up to four times higher now than they were a year ago and 20 times greater than after 2020’s first shutdown. Other viruses surged last summer, … Read more

Mother finds line down her nail was skin cancer – forcing docs to chop off her finger

Faint brown streak on mother’s nail ended up being CANCER and left 40-year-old needing her finger amputated Elizabeth Misselbrook, 40, was diagnosed with a subungual melanoma The rare form of cancer can occur on nails or on the soles and palms Doctors spotted it after two biopsies revealed the faint line was dangerous By Joe … Read more

Use the ‘talk test’ to make workouts more or less intense

The talk test is a way to measure relative intensity of an activity, and it relies on understanding how physical activity affects heart rate and breathing, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Generally, being able to talk but not sing during an activity would make it moderate intensity, the CDC says. … Read more

Malaika Arora recommends three yoga asanas for ‘better mental health’; check them out

Yoga is known to have several physical benefits and helps keep one fit and agile. But, yoga also helps in improving mental health by easing stress and anxiety. Malaika Arora, who frequently shares her preferred yoga poses, took to Instagram to talk about three poses that can help improve mental well-being. According to the actor“Mental … Read more

Website provides one-stop shop for mental health in Caithness

Julie Marker, chair of the action group and Caithness Care’s strategic group, tasked with overseeing the delivery of the merger. Two local mental health groups in Caithness are to merge next month to help strengthen partnerships and improve service. The merger will see the action group for social isolation and mental health, set up by … Read more

Yes, you can skip the menopause – if you have enough money

Menopause is defined as the point 12 months after the cessation of periods. The ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone, and this marks the conclusion of a woman’s reproductive cycle. In Britain the average age of menopause is 51. But perimenopause – when estrogen and progesterone production begin to go haywire – can … Read more

Fertility experts create an ‘on demand’ contraceptive which women take just minutes BEFORE sex

Is this the end of the Pill as we know it? Fertility experts create an ‘on demand’ contraceptive which women take just BEFORE sex Researchers identify an ‘on-demand’ therapy that could be taken just before sex Combination of morning after pill and arthritis drug disrupted ovulation They said drugs were ‘best candidate’ for oral on-demand … Read more