Rishi Sunak under pressure from Cabinet to cut tax

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the minister for Brexit opportunities and government efficiency, broadly expressed support for the comments, and also pushed the idea of ​​unilateral tariff reductions. “Jacob is a big supporter of unilateral action of tariffs,” a government source told the FinancialTimes. Another confirmed that Mr Johnson was sympathetic to the move, adding: “The Department for … Read more

Treasury rakes in record amount of tax after Rishi Sunak’s stealth raids

NI receipts totaled £157bn, up almost 10pc on the prior year even before higher rates came from April. Capital gains duties paid on investment profits rose a third to almost £15bn, while the Treasury’s take of divisive 40pc death duties reached a record £6bn, driven up by higher house prices. VAT was up 30pc for … Read more

Santa Monica beckons for Rishi Sunak as his political stock continues to plummet

It helps explain why Sunak loyalists have pointed the finger at Number 10 when it comes to identifying a culprit for the leaks of the Chancellor’s personal affairs. Mr Sunak has placed a high-stakes bet by ordering a leak inquiry: if he identifies a senior member of Mr Johnson’s staff as the leaker, he may … Read more

Rishi Sunak was simply deluded to think his wife’s tax status was irrelevant to his job

They called it “the Macron law”. Back in 2015, when he was still the French economy minister, Emmanuel Macron passed a law that, among other things, extended a whole set of tax benefits to rich foreigners who moved to France. After Brexit, the regime was extended further. Various other European countries, like Ireland, Italy, Portugal, … Read more

Rishi Sunak faces questions over claims he held US green card while chancellor

HASkshata Murty’s non-domicile status means she is not legally obliged to pay tax in Britain on foreign income. She has insisted she pays taxes on all UK income and said the set-up is required because she is an Indian citizen. Emily Thornberry, the shadow attorney general, rejected the citizenship argument, telling the BBC: “Well, first … Read more