US rallies global allies to help Ukraine repel Russia – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article It’s not quite the Coalition to Defeat Putin just yet — and the name is admittedly tame if not lame: the Ukraine Defense Consultative Group. Still, if the US ends up forming a global alliance to actively fight against Russia, the roughly 40 countries convened by US Defense … Read more

Russia has made ‘no major gains’ as Ukraine counterattacks, says UK

R ussia has made “no major” gains in the past 24 hours in Ukraine as Kyiv’s forces counterattack Vladimir Putin’s invaders, UK defense chiefs said on Saturday. They said Russian air and maritime forces have failed to establish control and that heavy fighting was continuing in Mariupol – despite the Kremlin’s claim last week to … Read more

Russian victory in Ukraine is ‘a realistic possibility’, PM admits

HAS Russian victory in Ukraine is a “realistic possibility”, Boris Johnson said on Friday, as Vladimir Putin steps up his onslaught on eastern Ukraine. Speaking in New Delhi, on the second day of his two day visit to India, the Prime Minister said he agreed with an assessment from Western security officials that the Kremlin’s … Read more

Russian Crude Shipments Have Fallen 25% In A Week

The past seven days have seen shipments of Russian crude drop by 25%, as the Kremlin announces plans for building new export outlets to balance out the impact of sanctions. From April 8 to April 15, Russia has seen crude oil shipments decline by one-quarter, with Bloomberg data showing that only 30 Russian tankers carried … Read more

Ukrainians recall their Russian occupiers – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article HOSTOMEL, Ukraine — On February 26, Russian forces blitzed into a forest-side housing complex on the edge of the town of Hostomel, intending to use it as a forward base for their warfighters. The soldiers were brimming with confidence, expecting that the nearby capital of Kyiv would fall … Read more

UK and Germany won’t send tanks to Ukraine – POLITICO

LONDON — It “wouldn’t be appropriate” for Western allies to fulfill all of Ukraine’s requests for weaponry, the British prime minister said Friday. Boris Johnson was speaking at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz following their first in-person meeting in London, hours after Berlin declined to send Marder tanks to Ukraine, arguing … Read more