Check Out The New Trailer For Zelda-Meets-Animal Crossing Game, Lonesome Village

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube After a strange calamity wipes out Lonesome Village, the townspeople enlist the help of Wes, the coyote, to help them rebuild. You’ll have to rescue each townsperson from the perilous dungeons, escort them home, and then help them restore civilization by fishing, gardening, decorating, and exploring — imagine Breath … Read more

Nintendo Shares Advice For Those Suffering Switch Battery Issues

Pretty simple, really by Thomas Whitehead 3 hours ago Picture: Nintendo Life In recent months some Switch owners (notably with relatively new OLED models) have been highlighting issues with their system’s battery. An example of the problem would be the battery draining rapidly overnight when the console’s in sleep mode, or potentially having less stamina … Read more

Nintendo To Launch Huge ‘Spring Into Action’ eShop Sale This Thursday (Europe)

Picture: Nintendo Life Nintendo has announced that it will be launching a massive ‘Spring into Action’ sale this coming Thursday, with over 1000 titles discounted on the eShop. Although Nintendo has not yet specified which games will be included at the time of writing, we’re betting that we’ll be seeing some big-hitters receive some lovely … Read more

Poll: Will You Play Splatoon 2’s DLC Now That It’s Included In Switch Online’s Expansion Pack?

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube Nintendo dropped some new info for Splatoon 3 last week and also locked in a release date for the upcoming Switch title. One other thing it’s done is add the Octo Expansion DLC for Splatoon 2 to its Switch Online Expansion Pack pass. This DLC joins the Mario Kart … Read more

Someone Is Already Playing Nintendo Switch Sports, And It’s Not Even Out Yet

Picture: Nintendo It seems every Switch release is leaked in some way or form nowadays, and with this in mind, it’s happened again (well, kind of…) – this time with Nintendo Switch Sports. Although it’s not due out until later this week, one lucky fan known as “i_can_hear_the_world” on Reddit, has taken to the Nintendo … Read more

Chained Echoes Lets You Pilot Mechs In A World Of Dragons, And It’s Coming To Switch This Year

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube The gorgeous pixel 16-bit RPG Chained Echoes finally has a release window! Developed by Matthias Linda and published by Deck13, who was responsible for bringing us the fantastic action RPG CrossCode, the game more than doubled its Kickstarter goal back in 2019, and one of the stretch goals included … Read more

Digital Foundry Reiterates That, No, Breath Of The Wild 2 Is “Not Too Big For Switch”

Picture: Nintendo Those good ol’ Switch ‘Pro’ rumors have been back in force since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2’s delay a few weeks ago. And with the new footage that dropped alongside news of the delay, so too did discussions around just how good it looked. In their weekly discussion, the … Read more

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Will Reveal Some Skin, Unsurprisingly

Picture: Nintendo Monolith Soft’s JRPG series Xenoblade Chronicles is known for revealing a bit of skin from time to time, and it seems the third entry will be no different. According to a recent ESRB rating, which was discovered earlier this week, players will need to be prepared for an adventure containing blood and violence, … Read more

Video: MVG Investigates The Switch Online GBA Emulator Leak

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube Earlier this week, a new Nintendo leak supposedly surfaced online – suggesting a Game Boy Advance emulator was in the works for the Switch Online service. If you’re still not entirely convinced, Modern Vintage Gamer has now taken a look in his latest YouTube video. In brief, he’s also … Read more