US rallies global allies to help Ukraine repel Russia – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article It’s not quite the Coalition to Defeat Putin just yet — and the name is admittedly tame if not lame: the Ukraine Defense Consultative Group. Still, if the US ends up forming a global alliance to actively fight against Russia, the roughly 40 countries convened by US Defense … Read more

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un vows full speed ahead for nuclear program, as he flaunts ICBM missiles

Seoul, South Korea CNN — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed on Monday to ramp up his development of nuclear arms, as a military parade in Pyongyang showcased the country’s most advanced weaponry yet – including an intercontinental ballistic missile experts say puts the entire US mainland in range. The country would “strengthen and … Read more

Russia’s ‘Satan II’ nuclear missile will be ready by autumn, warns country’s space chief

Russia’s new nuclear missile, which is capable of striking the UK and the US, will be ready to fire by the autumn, the head of the country’s space program said on Saturday. “In the autumn of this year, after the completion of flight design tests of the Sarmat, we plan to deliver heavy intercontinental ballistic … Read more