Why the 1990s were the last golden age of culture

With Sensation at the Royal Academy in 1997, which opened amid official talk of “Cool Britannia”, the movement peaked – and today, within the art world, it is often derided as splashy and dumb. Yet, the YBAs made contemporary art less elitist, and generated an energy that other artists benefited from too, such as the … Read more

Great Minds: Mental health – new Happiness Editor Matt Heath on how not to be miserable

NZME’s Great Minds project will examine the state of our nation’s mental health and explore the growing impact mental health and anxiety has on Kiwis while searching for ways to improve it. Video / NZ Herald Herald columnist and Radio Hauraki breakfast host Matt Heath is taking on a new role as Happiness Editor for … Read more

Louis Tomlinson Reacting To Fans’ Signs On Tour Is Everything

19 April 2022, 16:29 Louis Tomlinson has the most wholesome reaction to fans’ signs on tour. Picture: Getty/Twitter There’s nothing we love more than a Louis Tomlinson interaction with his fans! I think we can all agree that Louis Tomlinson being besties with his fans is one of everyone’s favorite qualities about him! So, it’s … Read more

A Powerful ‘Space Laser’ Has Been Detected Beaming From Deep Space

Powerful, radio-wavelength laser light has been detected emanating from the greatest distance across deep space yet. It’s a type of massless cosmic object called a megamaser, and its light has traveled for a jaw-dropping 5 billion light-years to reach us here on Earth. The astronomers who discovered it using the MeerKAT radio telescope in South … Read more