Rishi Sunak under pressure from Cabinet to cut tax

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the minister for Brexit opportunities and government efficiency, broadly expressed support for the comments, and also pushed the idea of ​​unilateral tariff reductions. “Jacob is a big supporter of unilateral action of tariffs,” a government source told the FinancialTimes. Another confirmed that Mr Johnson was sympathetic to the move, adding: “The Department for … Read more

Treasury rakes in record amount of tax after Rishi Sunak’s stealth raids

NI receipts totaled £157bn, up almost 10pc on the prior year even before higher rates came from April. Capital gains duties paid on investment profits rose a third to almost £15bn, while the Treasury’s take of divisive 40pc death duties reached a record £6bn, driven up by higher house prices. VAT was up 30pc for … Read more

Rishi Sunak is on board with plans to make ‘Thank Holiday’ permanent

The additional day off, which has been endorsed by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), would also be in recognition of the service of the millions who have stepped up to serve their communities during the Covid pandemic. A spokesman for Mr Sunak on Monday confirmed he had asked Treasury officials to carry out an … Read more

How Britain became anti-wealth

During the school holidays the young Rishi would help with the family finances by working as a waiter at Kuti’s Brasserie, an Indian restaurant near his home. “He was a great boy, from a very good family, and he worked hard,” says Kuti Miah, a family friend and the flamboyant owner of the restaurant. “There … Read more

Boris Johnson ‘completely mortified’ at being fined for breaking lockdown rules, says Shapps – UK politics live | Politics

Good morning. Boris Johnson has now been fined for breaking the Covid lockdown rules that he drew up and ordered the nation to obey, but Conservative MPs are happy for him to remain as prime minister – at least for now. Although no one would claim this is a triumph, his survival prospects now look … Read more

Partying was the least of Boris’s lockdown sins

For the rudderless Marie Celeste that is the Conservative Party, each day seems to herald a new public relations disaster. Sometimes, like buses, their catastrophes happen in twos and threes. First, the Wakefield MP Imran Ahmad Khan was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. Then, within hours, yesterday morning Reigate MP Crispin Blunt … Read more

Rishi Sunak might be saved by the paucity of possible replacements

Even so, the sheer paucity of plausible alternatives make ousting Sunak from the position of Chancellor a tricky business, much as his neighbor at No 10 might want to given Sunak’s lack of full-throated support for the Prime Minister over partygate. The hot favorite is Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, where a straight job swap … Read more

We are all angry, but the Prime Minister must stay

The cost-of-living crisis requires similarly calm leadership. With the clear and present danger of stagflation, we need to revisit the support we give. It is time to look again at the imposition of the National Insurance rise, which is hitting both workers and employers hard. We should also do our best to negate environmental and … Read more

There’s no chance of him doing the honorable thing, but Boris must go

That there is a debate about whether Boris Johnson can continue in office – after being fined for breaking lockdown laws; attending events he variously denied existed, expressed anger about, or excused with implausible explanations; and having been shown to have misled Parliament – ​​shows the full erosion of standards in our public life. The … Read more

UK politics live: Sunak’s call for inquiry into his own conduct fails to quell claims he may have broken ministerial code | Politics

Good morning. Last night there were calls for an inquiry into Rishi Sunak‘s financial interests – from the chancellor himself. This amounts to voluntarily handing yourself in to the regulatory authorities, and it is a tactic often used by MPs facing misconduct allegations when they a) want to regain control of the narrative, and b) … Read more