How jumpy male spiders avoid being eaten after sex

The Philoponella spider is found in tropical regions of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, and lives in communal groups of up to 300 individuals in a web complex, constructed of many individual webs. Although many animals have evolved various methods of storing elastic energy to escape or catch prey, it is the first time … Read more

A healthy lifestyle can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by up to six years

For women with a healthy lifestyle, just 2.6 years were lost to Alzheimer’s, and 1.4 for men. But unhealthy women suffered an average of 4.1 years of dementia, while men spent 2.1 years with the disease. The study suggests that the approximate age for dementia onset among the healthy women would be around 86 compared … Read more

Scientists unlock the secret to looking 30 years younger – and it’s skin deep

As people age, their cells’ ability to function declines as the genetic code starts to gain errors. However, the new technique suggests that the clock could be turned back on old, failing cells. To show that the skin cells had been rejuvenated, the researchers looked for two measures of cellular age. The first is the … Read more