Why the 1990s were the last golden age of culture

With Sensation at the Royal Academy in 1997, which opened amid official talk of “Cool Britannia”, the movement peaked – and today, within the art world, it is often derided as splashy and dumb. Yet, the YBAs made contemporary art less elitist, and generated an energy that other artists benefited from too, such as the … Read more

Piers Morgan showed his showbiz class as he took on Donald Trump

Is Talk TV paying Piers Morgan by the word? Yes, he had a world exclusive interview with Donald Trump to show us, but that could wait a good 20 minutes. First, a lengthy monologue in which he explained just what his new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, was all about. Or, rather, what it plans to … Read more

BBC’s ‘most ambitious environmental series yet’ looks more like a travel jolly

It doesn’t take long to identify the main problem with Our Changing Planet (BBC One), the latest series from the BBC’s Natural History Unit. It starts in the wrong place. The program wants to show us how climate change and human behavior are having a disastrous effect on the planet, in a project lasting seven … Read more

Box Office: KGF 2 enters the 300 cr club with 1.75 cr footfalls; Dangal & Bajrangi Bhaijaan top with 3.5 cr

As you read this, KGF: Chapter 2 has entered the Rs 300 crore at the box office in the Hindi belts. The Yash fronted gangster drama has zoomed past the benchmark in a span of 11 days and is among the fastest to enter the coveted mark. The movie is the highest grossing film in … Read more

All-singing, all-dancing return for Britain’s Got Talent – ​​but that final act was a cynical shame

The heavily hyped comeback of Britain’s Got Talent (ITV) ended with a bang, a press of the golden buzzer and a hail of glitter confetti. Yet this rousing climax felt cynically contrived and against the supposed spirit of the show. Britain’s got enough amateur talent, thanks very much, so why import American professionals? After a … Read more

Hugh Laurie makes Agatha Christie look easy

A lesser-spotted Agatha Christie is always welcome. After a glut of Poirot adaptations and in the lull before Miss Marple returns to television, BritBox is serving up Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? as an Easter treat. (Yes, it’s frustrating for non-BritBox subscribers that this three-parter isn’t on terrestrial TV. Far be it from me to … Read more

How Channel 4 lost its way

For two decades, Channel 4 was the most exciting thing on British TV. Launched under Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government 40 years ago as a commercially-funded, publicly-owned alternative to the BBC, it introduced us to Football Italia, gave us such pioneering, unique dramas such as GBH, and, with Brookside, redefined the soap opera . In many … Read more